Privacy Policy



Salvagnini International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereafter “SALVAGNINI”, “we”, “us” or “our”) is committed, to protecting the privacy of individuals who visit our SALVAGNINI website and/or social media pages and/or WeChat programs (hereafter “Users”, “you” or “your”). This privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) describes SALVAGNINI’s privacy practices regarding the collection, use, share and protection of your Personal Information, what your rights are, and supplements any other fair processing or privacy notices or provisions provided to you in connection with:



  • The SALVAGNINI website located at https://www.salvagnini.com.cn/;

  • And the content and the products and services offered by SALVAGNINI, either directly or through the SALVAGNINI website, social media pages and WeChat programs owned and/or operated by SALVAGNINI;

  • Collectively, the “SALVAGNINI Web Services”.


We believe it is important to share with you why we capture some Personal Information about you and the circumstances when we might be required to share it with third parties to offer you our SALVAGNINI Web Services, deliver our SALVAGNINI Web Services and comply with applicable laws and regulations.



Please note that our SALVAGNINI Web Services are not intended for minors under the age of 18 years, and we do not knowingly collect Personal Information relating to minors. This privacy policy is mainly applicable to Users in the People’s Republic of China. We invite Users in other countries regions to visit the SALVAGNINI website or other web pages or programs and privacy policy in their region.



It is important that you read this Privacy Policy together with any other notice or policy we may provide on specific occasions or for specific SALVAGNINI Web Services when we are collecting or processing Personal Information about you so that you are fully aware of why and how we are using your Personal Information.




By sharing your Personal Information with us, you understand and agree how we collect, use, store, share, transfer, delete or other process your Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.



1. Who we are公司简介


We are a “Personal Information Processing Entity” of your Personal Information for the purposes of the Personal Information Protection Law of the People's Republic of China (中华人民共和国个人信息保护法) and associated legislation (the “Data Protection Laws”) - i.e., we are responsible for, and control the processing of, your Personal Information. We will use your Personal Information fairly, lawfully and in a transparent manner, and in accordance with the Data Protection Laws.



We will at all times seek to comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Laws in respect of all Personal Information that we collect from you, including ensuring that your Personal Information is kept appropriately secure and is processed lawfully.



2. What is Personal Information? 个人信息定义


"Personal information" refers to all kinds of information recorded electronically or otherwise that can identify a specific individual, alone or in combination with other information. Personal Information includes, for example, your name, your telephone number, your email address, your residence address, your date of birth, your photo, your preferences, your purchases, etc.



"Personal sensitive information" refers to personal information that, once leaked, illegally provided or abused, may lead to discrimination or serious harm to personal and property safety. It includes, for example, information on race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, biometric characteristics (such as facial features, fingerprints, etc.), financial accounts, personal property information, personal whereabouts (geolocation).



3. What Personal Information do we collect, why and how do we use it? 我们收集何种个人信息,如何使用个人信息?


SALVAGNINI may collect and receive Personal Information in several ways. The following table describes what Personal Information is being collected through the SALVAGNINI Web Services, in what manner and for what purposes it may be processed:



Why and how Personal Information is collected
收集个人信息的原因 及方式

Categories of Personal Information

 For what purposes is Personal Information processed

Legal basis for processing Personal Information

Creation and management of your account with SALVAGNINI 在萨瓦尼尼创建和管 理您的帐户

SALVAGNINI prospects, Customers or individuals granted access to SALVAGNINI products and services will need to submit Personal Information for the use and management of such account 萨瓦尼尼潜在客户, 有权获取萨瓦尼尼产 品和服务的客户或个 人将需要提交个人信 息以使用和管理此类 帐户

Depending on the SALVAGNINI products and/or services, stage of relationship with SALVAGNINI, it may include the following:
根据萨瓦尼尼产品和(或)服务, 以及与萨瓦尼尼的关系程度,个人 信息可能包括以下内容

• Name; Age and/or date of birth; Gender; E-mail address; User ID & password; WeChat ID; Telephone number; Photo;
姓名;年龄和(或)出生日期;性 别;电子邮件地址;用户 ID 和密码; 微信号;电话号码;相片;

• Company, job title, department, level of seniority;

• Order and/or purchase details; wish lists; preferences; opinions on products and/or services;
订单和(或)购买详情;愿望清 单;偏好;对产品和(或)服务的 意见;

• User generated content;

• Other information you share with us (for example, additional demographic and other profile information beyond basic account / contact information may also be requested via optional surveys or other promotions. This additional information is not required to use our products or services, or to interact with us and you are not obliged to provide them, etc.)
您与我们共享的其他信息(例 如,除基本账户/联系信息之外的 其他人口统计和其他个人资料信 息)也可能通过可选调查或其他 促销活动要求提供。使用我们的 产品或服务或与我们互动不需要 这些附加信息,您也没有义务提 供这些信息等)。

Communicate with you by responding to your requests, concerns, comments and questions; 与您沟通,回应您的请求、疑虑、 评论和问题;

• Manage the SALVAGNINI products and services you chose to use and our relationship with you;
管理您选择使用的萨瓦尼尼产品和 服务以及我们与您的关系;

• Manage our relationship with and report to our Customers (including, as the case may be, analytics);
管理我们与客户的关系并向客户报 告(视情况而定,包括分析);

• Ensure the security of our SALVAGNINI Web Services, products and services, prevent or address service errors, security or technical issues, protect you and us from external threats, etc.;
确保萨瓦尼尼网络服务、产品和服 务的安全,防止或解决服务错误、 安全或技术问题,保护您和我们免 受外部威胁等;

• Analyze, build and collect statistics and monitor usage, behavior, trends and other activities;
分析、建立和收集统计数据,并监 控使用情况、行为、趋势和其他活 动;

• Improve our SALVAGNINI products and services, Web Services.
改进萨瓦尼尼产品和服务,网络服 务。

Your consent
您同意提供此 类信息

Our contracts with our Customers
我们与客户的 合同

Technical data related to your visit of our SALVAGNINI Web Services and/or your use of our SALVAGNINI Web Services


It may include the following:

• internet protocol (IP) address;
互联网协议 (IP) 地址;
• browser type and version, plug-in types and versions;
• operator and carrier data;
• login data;
• device type, category and model and other information stored on or available regarding the devices you allow us access to when you visit our SALVAGNINI Web Services, or use our SALVAGNINI Web Services;
• operating system and platform;
• time zone setting, language and location data;
• diagnostics data such as crash logs and any other data for the purposes of measuring technical diagnostics;
• Information collected through cookies or similar technologies (a cookie being a small text files that a SALVAGNINI Web Services downloads to a user’s device in order to track their behaviour and remember their preferences);
通过 Cookie 或类似技术收集的信息(Cookie是 萨瓦尼尼网络服务下载到用户设备上的小型文本文件,用于跟踪他们的行为并记住他们的偏好);
• Open Auth ID (WeChat).
打开身份验证 ID(微信)

 • Administer and protect our business, our SALVAGNINI Web Services including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, system maintenance, support, reporting, etc.;
• Manage the SALVAGNINI Web Services you chose to use and our relationship with you;
• Deliver relevant content and advertisements to you and measure or understand the effectiveness of our content, advertising and/or SALVAGNINI Web Services;
• Provide you with personalized SALVAGNINI Web Services and/or SALVAGNINI Web Services display methods;
• Remember you and your preferences (such as device parameters, language, etc.), enhance Site usability and personalization and to assist in Site navigation;
• Analyze, build and collect statistics and monitor usage, behavior, trends and other activities;
• Improve our SALVAGNINI Web Services;
• Manage risk and ensure the security of our SALVAGNINI Web Services, prevent or address service errors, security, or technical issues, protect you and us from external threats, etc.


Your consent

Legal obligation

Interaction with our Sales or with our support
Customers or individuals who wish to contact our sales or our support will need to submit Personal Information for the use and management of such account

It may include the following:

• Name; Company; E-mail address; Telephone number; industry sector; fax number; reason for contacting us; personalized message or request.
姓名; 公司; 电子邮件地址;电话号码;工业部门;传真号码;联系我们的原因;个性化消息或请求

Contact you if you requested a product or service demonstration or product or service information, a quote, a follow-up on your order, or otherwise to respond to your request, enquiries and assist you as applicable.

Your consent

Our contracts with our Customers

When you register to a webinar or other event on our SALVAGNINI Web Services or through our SALVAGNINI Web Services; or other ad hoc forms that we may add to our SALVAGNINI Web Services or through our SALVAGNINI Web Services from time to time

It may include the following:

• Name; Company; job title; E-mail address; Telephone number; professional interest and preferences that may relate to the event or occasion for which the registration form is available.


 • Process your registration and participation in the webinar or other event to you which you have registered;
• Contact you occasionally regarding SALVAGNINI's services and products, subject to applicable laws (for example, where required, subject to your consent). Even if you authorize SALVAGNINI to contact you, your authorization may be revoked/withdrawn by you at any time and you may opt out of SALVAGNINI's mailing lists by following the unsubscribe instructions in each of the emails you receive or by contacting us as described below

Your consent

Recruitment and selection information

Depending on the position for which a recruitment process is launched, it may include the following:

• Name; Age and/or date of birth; Gender; personal E-mail address; residence address; Telephone number; Wechat handle; Photo;
• Skills and experience; qualifications; educational background; professional certifications and registrations; language capabilities; references;
• CV and application;
• Public information in professional social media;
• Salary or remuneration package with your current or former employer and expectations;
• Interview and assessment data;
• Background checks and verification information (including, as the case may be, criminal background check)
• Details of any offer made to you;
• Exchanges with you during the recruitment process;
• Other information you may share with us (for example, marital status, number of children, personal objectives, etc. This additional information is not required for recruitment, and you are not obliged to provide them).

 • Manage the recruitment process and your application;

• Assess your skills, qualifications, and overall fitness to work at SALVAGNINI;

• Communicate with you as part of our recruitment process.

Your consent when you submit an application to a position with us

Your employment agreement with us if your application is successful

4. Marketing notifications & preferences 营销通知和偏好

If you have a user account with us, we may wish to send you notifications, messages or SMS on the status of your account, special offers, promotions, etc. which may be of interest to you.


If you have consented to such notifications, we will contact you only with information about our products and services, events or promotions by notifications or messages. Occasionally we may get in touch to request feedback on your experience on our SALVAGNINI Web Services at a workout class or an event, in order to improve our products and services.


You can opt out at any time from such notifications, by following the corresponding instructions (clicking on the unsubscribe link in our emails). If you choose to opt out, please note that this can take up to two weeks for the change to flow through our systems. Please remember that, if you do, you are more likely to miss out on offers and rewards. You can also contact us (see “Contact Us”) to that end.



5. User profile 用户个人资料

We may also use automated processing of your Personal Information to analyze and evaluate your User profile, among others to get insight on your personal preferences, interests, behavior, location, habits, actions. We may send you personalized notifications or display personalized information according to your interests or needs.


If you object to our User profile, you can unsubscribe or opt out of our personalized notifications or personalized information display at any time, in the same way as marketing notifications: by following the corresponding instructions (clicking on the unsubscribe link in our) or by contacting us (see “Contact Us”) to that end.


As to your location, you can enable or disable the access to your location information on your device. If you disable the access to your location information, potentially location-based features may become unavailable to you, but this will not affect your use of other features of our SALVAGNINI Web Services.


Unless authorized by yourself or required by laws or regulations, we will not provide the above information to any third party.



6. Sharing of Your Personal Information 共享您的个人信息

Unless otherwise specified in the present Privacy Policy we do not share your Personal Information with third parties. We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties either.


In case we specify that we share your Personal Information with a third-party - see below -, we will only provide such third-party with the minimum Personal Information which they need to carry out their services on our behalf or for the purposes also specified below. They will not be permitted to use your Personal Information for other purposes and will be bound by the same duty of care and security as us regarding your privacy. They will only be allowed to use your Personal Information in the way in which we instruct them and as permitted by the Data Protection Laws.



When do we share your Personal Information?


  • If you are a User of a SALVAGNINI Web Service, it may be necessary for us to share your Personal Information with the relevant Customer for the benefit of which you use such SALVAGNINI Web Service in order for the purpose of such SALVAGNINI Web Service to be fulfilled and for you to benefit from the corresponding results.
  • We may also share your personal information with trusted third parties, on which we rely to perform certain services on our behalf, to provide elements of our overall SALVAGNINI Web Services. For example, we may delegate some services that need to process your Personal Information to third parties assisting us in:


  • Personal information such as name, address, telephone number and email are shared with SALVAGNINI’s suppliers for the purposes of Customer contract management. All suppliers are required to sign an NDA and have strict contracts in place, for the protection of your Personal information, forbidding them to use your Personal Information for any other purpose.
  • Providing information technology services, such as hosting service providers, software providers, development service providers, operation and maintenance service providers, etc. (these services sometimes need to access your relevant Personal Information);
  • Managing payments, such as payment services providers;
  • Assisting us in providing seminars and other activities, such as content providers, speakers, event management companies, etc.;
  • In order to improve your User experience, we may also share aggregated or anonymized information that does not identify you with partners or service providers. We will require the receiving parties to strictly abide by our requirements for privacy protection, including but not limited to using technical processes in accordance with the agreement we have with them to ensure that the information does not identify any individual.
  • In certain circumstances we may share, transfer, disclose or make public Personal Information relating to you to third parties in order to comply with the Data Protection Laws and/or any other applicable laws, regulations, and standards without requesting your consent, and/or to protect and defend the rights and property of SALVAGNINI, including if:
  • The Personal Information is required for us to fulfill our obligations imposed by laws and regulations;
  • The Personal Information is directly related to national security or national defense;
  • The Personal Information is directly related to public safety, public health, or major public interests;
  • The Personal Information is directly related to a criminal investigation, prosecution, trial, or execution of judicial decisions;
  • The collection and use of your Personal Information are necessary to protect your or other individuals' legitimate rights and interests, life safety, and property safety and your authorization for collecting such Personal Information cannot be obtained for some reason;
  • The Personal Information has been made public by yourself;
  • The Personal Information has been made publicly available in legitimate news coverage, governmental announcements, and other public channels.
  • We may also transfer your Personal Information in case of merger, acquisition, divestment, dissolution, bankruptcy, or similar circumstances. In such case, we will inform you, ensure secure transfer of your Personal Information, and further ensure secure transfer and that the successor of SALVAGNINI (which will become the new Personal Information Processing Entity) remain bound by the present Privacy Policy


7. Your Rights 您的权力

You have the following rights in respect of the Personal Information we hold about you:


  • The right to request access, information about and a copy of your Personal Information which we hold.
  • The right to obtain information on our Personal Information processing rules.
  • The right to correct any mistakes in your Personal Information (if it is not accurate or incomplete).
  • The right to delete your Personal Information the following circumstances:


  1. If our processing of your Personal Information violates applicable laws or regulations;
  2. When you have withdrawn your consent and the processing is based on your consent;
  3. If our processing of your Personal Information breaches our agreement with you;
  4. If you no longer use our products or services or you have cancelled or deleted your account;
  5. If the processing of your Personal Information is no longer necessary to provide you with products or services;
  6. When the retention period for your Personal Information has expired.

When we decide to respond to your deletion request, we will also inform the third parties we may have shared your Personal Information with to also delete your Personal Information without delay, unless otherwise specified in laws and regulations, or unless such third parties have collected your consent.


  • In certain circumstances, the right for you to ask us to transfer your Personal Information to a third party service provider, meeting conditions stated by the relevant authorities.
  • The right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing.
  • The right to withdraw your consent where we are relying on it to process your Personal Information. When you withdraw your consent, we will stop processing the corresponding Personal Information. However, your withdrawal of consent will not affect the processing of Personal Information carried out prior to your withdrawal. To opt out of marketing or other notifications, or object to User profile, please also see Sections 4 and 5 of the present Privacy Policy.
    当我们基于您的同意来处理您的个人信息时,您有权撤回同意。当您撤回同意时,我们将停止处理相应的个人信息。但是,您撤回同意不会影响在您撤回之前对个人信息的处理。如您要拒绝营销通知或其他通知,或反对用户个人资料,另请参阅本隐私政策的第 4 节和第 5 节。


For clarity purpose, in case of a request for deletion or after your account is deleted, we will nevertheless retain your Personal Information as mandated by the "Cybersecurity Law of the People's Republic of China" and/or other applicable laws and regulations for the retention period required by the laws. Upon the expiration of the retention period, we will remove or anonymize your Personal Information.



If you would like to exercise one of your rights or would like more information, please contact us at enquiriesChina@salvagninigroup.com. Requests concerning any of your rights need to be verifiable. We will use reasonable methods for verifying that the person making a request is the individual about whom we have collected Personal Information. This may involve, depending on the nature of the request, confirming that the email address provided corresponds with our records concerning the individual. Additional reasonable measures may also be required to verify the identity of the person making the request depending on the circumstances.

如果您想行使您的一项权利或想了解更多信息,请通过 enquiriesChina@salvagninigroup.com 与我们联系。有关您的任何权利的请求都必须是可验证的。我们将使用合理的方法来验证提出请求的人是我们收集了个人信息的个人。根据请求的性质,这可能涉及确认所提供的电子邮件地址与我们有关个人的记录相对应。根据具体情况,可能还需要采取其他合理措施,核实提出请求的人的身份。


It may take up to 30 days to ensure your request to invoke any of your rights is fully actioned. The processing of certain requests may take longer, depending on their complexity. If we need additional time to respond to your request, we will provide you with notice explaining the reasons we need more time.  SALVAGNINI reserves the right, where we are entitled to do so, to charge a reasonable administration fee to cover the cost of fulfilling a request to exercise any of these rights (for example for repeated requests beyond a reasonable scope; for requests that require excessive technological means, etc.). Any fee applicable to the performance of an action will be advised to you at the point of making a request.

最多可能需要 30 天才能确保您请求的任何权利得到全面处理。某些请求的处理可能需要更长的时间,具体取决于其复杂性。如果我们需要更多时间来回复您的请求,我们将向您提供通知,解释我们需要更多时间的原因。 在我们有权这样做的情况下,萨瓦尼尼保留收取合理管理费的权利,以支付行使任何这些权利的请求的费用(例如,超出合理范围的重复请求;需要过多技术手段的请求等)。适用于执行操作的任何费用将在提出请求时告知您。


We will not be able to respond to your request under the following circumstances:


  1. Related to our compliance with our obligations under the laws and regulations;
  2. Directly related to national security or defense security;
  3. Directly related to public security, public health or major public interests;
  4. Directly related to criminal investigations, prosecutions, trials and enforcement of court decisions, etc.;
  5. We have sufficient proof that you your request is malicious or abusive;
  6. For the purpose of safeguarding your life, property and other important legal rights and interests or those of other individuals but it is difficult to obtain consent;
  7. Responding to your request will cause serious harm to your legitimate rights and interests, or those of other individuals or organizations;
  8. Involving trade secrets.


8. Where do we store and how long do we keep your Personal Information? 我们在哪里存储您的个人信息以及信息会保留多长时间?

Personal Information collected via our SALVAGNINI Web Services will be stored in a location within the People’s Republic of China in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. If it is necessary to change the location where your personal information is stored to another location outside People’s Republic of China, the transfer will be conducted in strict accordance with applicable laws.


We will only keep your Personal Information as long as necessary to fulfill the corresponding purpose for which it was collected. In any case, if you have an account with us, we will only keep it as long as you have such account with us or otherwise as allowed or required by applicable laws and regulations.


When we no longer need your Personal Information or when the legal retention period is expired, we will delete or anonymize your Personal Information.



9. Third Party Links 第三方链接

Our SALVAGNINI Web Services may, from time to time, contain links to third-party websites, social media pages, platforms or applications not controlled by us. If you click on any of the links to such platforms or applications, you should review that third party’s privacy statements or policies as well as their terms and conditions carefully as your use of those platforms or applications may be subject to them.



10. Cookies

As previously stated, we use cookies to improve your experience on our SALVAGNINI Web Services. These are used to enhance our SALVAGNINI Web Services usability and personalization and to assist in navigation. Our cookies contain only information that you have supplied to, and can only be accessed by, our SALVAGNINI Web Services. They cannot read other data off your device(s) or share information with cookies from other SALVAGNINI products, services or applications. Our SALVAGNINI Web Services only use “session cookies” to help make sure you are who you say you are after you have logged in. Session cookies only exist during an online session, and they disappear from your computer when you close your browser software or turn off your device.

如前所述,我们使用cookie来改善您在萨瓦尼尼网络服务上的体验。其用于增强萨瓦尼尼网络服务的可用性和个性化,并协助导航。我们的cookie仅包含您提供给我们的萨瓦尼尼网络服务的信息,并且只能由我们的萨瓦尼尼网络服务访问。他们无法从您的设备读取其他数据,也无法与来自其他萨瓦尼尼产品、服务或应用程序的cookie共享信息。我们的萨瓦尼尼网络服务仅使用 “会话cookie” 来帮助确保您在登录后的身份。会话 Cookie 仅在在线会话期间存在,当您关闭浏览器软件或关闭设备时,它们会从您的计算机中消失。

You can configure your browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or notify when a cookie is set. Each browser is different, so check the "help" menu of your browser to learn how to change your cookie preferences. If you reject all cookies, you may not be able to use some or all of the features of our SALVAGNINI Web Services.

您可以将浏览器配置为接受所有 Cookie、拒绝所有 Cookie 或在设置 Cookie 时通知。每个浏览器都不同,因此请查看浏览器的“帮助”菜单以了解如何更改您的 Cookie 首选项。如果您拒绝所有Cookies,您可能无法使用我们萨瓦尼尼网络服务的部分或全部功能。


11. Children 儿童

If you are under the age of 18, please do not use our SALVAGNINI Web Services and/or products and services. We place great value on the protection of minors' Personal Information. We do not knowingly collect Personal Information from children. If we find that a child’s Personal Information has been collected without his/her parents’ or statutory guardian’s prior consent, we will delete relevant data as soon as possible.



12. Security Statement 安全声明

We are committed to protecting your Personal Information against theft, improper use, unauthorized access, or leakage.


We will use efforts not less than a reasonable degree of care to protect the security of your Personal Information.



We shall at all times maintain appropriate physical, electronic, managerial and organizational measures to safeguard and secure your Personal Information against accidental, unauthorized or unlawful loss, unauthorized modification, disclosure or access that is determined to be appropriate to the risk. All our employees and third-party partners and/or service providers who have access to, and are associated with the processing of Personal Information, are required to respect the confidentiality and ensure the security of the Personal Information of all our Users. We will delete your Personal Information when we have no further legitimate use for it in line with our storage policy and as specified above.


In the event of leakage or any other incident related to Personal Information security, we will take immediate action as to such incident to avoid the worsening of the incident and prevent it from further affecting more Users and, where appropriate and in accordance with laws and regulations, we will notify you of the incident by sending you a notification or posting an announcement.


We are compliant with the requirements of the "Cybersecurity Law of the People's Republic of China" and other applicable laws and regulations.


We will take all possible technical measures to protect your Personal Information but makes no guarantee or warranty that our technical measures will eliminate all security risks.



13. Changes To This Privacy Policy 本隐私政策的变更

This Privacy Policy may be updated, revised, amended, or modified as appropriate from time to time. In the event of any updates, changes, or amendments to any provisions in this Privacy Policy, we will provide you with the changed Privacy Policy by pushing a notification, showing a pop-up, or other means when you visit our SALVAGNINI Web Services.



14. Contact Us 联系我们

If you have any questions about the way in which your Personal Information is being collected or used which are not answered by this Privacy Policy and/or any request or complaint, please contact us by writing to enquiriesChina@salvagninigroup.com.

This Policy was last reviewed and updated in June 2023.

如果您对收集或使用您的个人信息的方式有任何疑问,而本隐私政策和(或)任何请求或投诉均未回答,请写信 至enquiriesChina@salvagninigroup.com 与我们联系。

本政策最近一次审核和更新是在 2023 年 6 月。